Your Health & Well-Being

meditatorIn this reading, we look closely at your health and well-being from the physcial, emotional, mental and spiritual perspectives. We take a close look at your inner life and identify any emotional issues that may impact your health as seen in your birth chart.

This session is not a medical diagnosis, but rather a look at the psychosomatic (mental/emotional) causes of ill health.  The focus is on how to achieve optimum health by identifying the underlying causation. 

From this session, you will have a good idea about the negative emotional patterns that have been operating in your life and you'll see how they have impacted your health. Most importantly, you'll identify new pathways to health.

When you make your booking, you can also order a personal 30 page Health and Well-being Report based on your unique astrological profile that will help you further identify and transform imbalances in your life.