Astrology Readings

life-theme-reading-largeWhen you book an astrology session, you can ask Paie to focus on a particular life theme or, if you prefer, look closely at the year ahead. If it is your first astrology reading, you may want to combine a transit reading (the year ahead) with a soul path reading.  But it's up to you!

  • The Year Ahead - Transits are the movement of planets through specific points in your birth chart. These planetary transits influence us in different ways as they pass through our chart. There are different kinds of transits and in this session, we look at your plans in relation to each important transit. By recognising these transits and the time periods they are active, we can look at how you can better prepare and time important activities and new initiatives for the year.
  • Your Soul Path - In this reading, we look at different aspects of your life including current challenges and opportunities.  We identify into behavioural patterns that no longer serve you and identify ways to break these patterns and move on to becoming a more empowered human being.  This session is all about helping you to reach your full potential. Read more
  • Your Goddess Within - This reading focuses on discovering your inner goddess and empowering you by connecting with the goddess within. Read more
  • Your Relationships - In this reading, we look at how relationship are working for you and we identify ways to enhance the ones you have or create more fulfilling ones. The focus can be on your siblings, love life or friends. Read more
  • Your Zodiac Child - During this session we discover the soul path of your child based on their birth chart. This reading will put you in a better position to guide your child through life and make the best possible decision for them that are consistent with their natal blueprint!  Read more
  • Your Health & Wellbeing - This reading focuses on your health and well-being from a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual perspective. It looks at all the health aspects of your astrological profile so that you will be able to make better and healthier decisions in life!  Read more
  • Your Vocation - This reading is great for anyone who is contemplating a career change or someone who wants to know more about their true purpose in life.  It focuses on your career, soul path and together we create a vision for the future. Read more