Love & Your Relationships

heart-on-beachIn this reading, we focus on your love life and relationships.  The aim is to help you foster more fulfilling relationships or expand your existing ones. Your astrology chart will reveal the patterns you bring to all your relationships. Simply by understanding these patterns, you can turn all your relationships into opportunities for growth. You'll see how best to maintain healthy relationships in your life and you'll gain new insights into your existing ones. 

By the end of this session, you'll have a much better understanding of why you attract the kinds of people you do and you'll be more aware of how to form and maintain healthy and loving relationships in the future.

When you make your booking, you can also order a totally personalised Kindred Spirits Report that includes insights into your close relationships with partners, family and friends. This 30-page report will reveal your relationship patterns and offer insights into how to meet your needs in intimacy.