Someone told me there was so much fat in a Pringle that they burn as well as, or if not better than paper. So I tried it.

And guess what? It’s true! Try it for yourself.

As it turns out, a Pringle, along with most potato chips are essentially “plastic impregnated pieces of starch-based cardboard”. They are not food. But it gets worse.  The really nasty ingredient in almost all fried foods is a chemical called acrylamide.

The principle end use of acrylamide is in water-soluble polymers used as additives for water treatment, enhanced oil recovery, paper making aids, thickeners, soil conditioning agents, sewage and waste treatment, ore processing, and permanent-press fabrics.

In foods, acrylamide is formed when carbohydrate containing foods are baked, fried or roasted.  It is a super carcinogenic compound created when fat or vegetable oil is heated at high temperatures.

As a result, acrylamide is found in most processed chips, many cookies and baked goods.  Hash browns and Spanish black olives (but not green ones for some reason) also have high concentrations.  High concentrations are generally found in foods baked to a golden brown, roasted on a grill or popped in oil.

Many other foods such as boiled or mashed potatoes, toasted or roasted cereal grains and bread products and even coffee beans contain low levels of acrylamide.

British researchers also found that acrylamide damages the DNA, particularly in the liver.

Acrylamide is not water-soluble, meaning that for the most part the body cannot metabolise it and it stays there, accumulating.  In addition to causing cancer, it may also lower one’s consciousness through its affect on the brain. It basically turns into a fractured microplastic which are tiny particles that can cross the blood/brain barrier and clog up the fine tubes of the brain.

There was a big fuss made about it in the media a few years ago after some research came out saying how bad it is. Then we all forgot about it and went back to munching.

Tea Polyphenols, Resveratrol and Diallyl Trisulfide can fortify one against acrylamide.

Most teas contain Polyphenols and Resveratrol is found in red wine while Diallyl Trisulfides are found in garlic that has been crushed, roasted or processed.

A food insider described to David Wilcock that the processed foods sold to the public by the big food manufacturers are viewed by other insiders as a “weapon system” designed to make us sick and docile.

It’s one of the reasons Governments try so hard to get indigenous people off the land in developing and colonised countries.  Once they are exposed to processed foods, they very quickly lose touch with their culture and wisdom.

Eat fresh, organic food as much as possible and prepare it yourself - ready meals and processed food do not nourish you, they toxify you.